Trump is looking for a sly deal on immigration

Trump is looking for a deal on immigration

The White House cannot push its ambitious immigration plan, so officials are negotiating a narrow compromise that would appease the business community but may go against the president’s promise to reduce overall immigration effort.

Trump and Immigration

The administration has been in negotiations with senators in recent months about legislation that would create new categories of temporary workers ‘ visas or expand the stays given to those workers, among other changes, according to four people familiar with the discussions.

A White House official reported the ongoing negotiations on the guest worker plan. He said the initiative is an attempt to generate progress on a smaller immigration proposal after a larger one had failed and gained a few adherents.

“We have listened to stakeholders too,” said the official. “We have also established opinions about what the temporary program will look like.”

The extension of temporary workers.  Visas is a policy change that the business community has pursued for a long time, claiming that businesses in sectors such as construction and agriculture cannot use enough employees to meet demand. Yet immigration groups hoping to limit migration think such measures will increase the number of foreigners coming to the U.S. Trump has promised to curb immigration repeatedly.

“Our country is full,” warned Trump in April, also standing on the California Southern Border.

“I can’t understand why certain Republican senators and administration officials encourage Trump. Support an expansion of guest workers in an election year, or worse”. said RJ Hauman.

Recent talks also started after a bill based on improvements to the farm guest worker program went through. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), who served as one of the House impeachment administrators in Trump’s Senate court.

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