Trump interview fiasco warns about the fall campaign

Trump interview fiasco warns everyone about the fall campaign

Donald Trump interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan fired a warning flare about the President’s prospects for reelection if his campaign and White House staff are unable to accept it, designed to satisfy his need for recognition.

Trump considered himself to be ill-prepared, arrogant and far from containing the coronavirus pandemic. It was a far cry from the picture of bold leadership and strong, unstinting dedication on behalf of Americans that his aides spent attempting to draw every day.

It’s hard to recall an interview in which a sitting president was revealed more unsparingly, or felt so oblivious to the severity of a situation that affects the American people and ends nowhere.

Trump interview’s signals

About a month and a half before his first presidential forum collided with presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Trump’s sit-down with Swan had arrived. His challenges provide plenty of fodder for Biden’s debating training team as they plan his approach and prepare their guy. For what could be the most important moment of the most unlikely presidential election.

Trump’s flame-throwing interrogation tactic fizzled as he got a fact-check in real time. When Swan thwarted his attempts at scattershot jumping to another subject, Trump wilted. Under strain he gave the sort of offhand comment. That might describe a political campaign if an adversary used it properly.

“It’s what it is,” Trump said of a Covid-19 death toll that has reached 150,000 Americans, sounding callous and detached. Trump replied with contradictory answers when questioned, grabbing basic concerns about his treatment of the pandemic for an answer.

“We ‘re lower than the nation”. Trump said in an nonsensical response when questioned about whether the U.S. Has a death rate that in recent weeks has reached 1,000 a day and is going to climb even further. As he made the baseless argument that there are “some” that complain. That there might be too much coronavirus research. Trump said that bizarrely, “books” and “manuals.”

The Trump interview was unrecognizable from the warm, unchallenging interviews he attends. With opinion hosts from Fox News and other conservative media personalities that feed into the need for adulation of the President. Which is also frequently giving by subordinates such as Vice President Mike Pence.

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