Trump has embarrassed the Emir of Qatar

Trump has embarrassed the Emir of Qatar

US President Trump has embarrassed the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad, after revealing sarcastically about the expansion of the US base with $ 8 billion in national funds.

Tamim’s visit to Washington

Trump has embarrassed the Emir of Qatar

Last week, there were large-scale moves in more than one country to hold al-Hamdeen accountable for its crimes.

Including the condemnation of rights from 9 countries by Qatar’s violations of foreign workers.

In Britain, Red pepper highlighted the documentary “Worker’s Cup”

Which, deals with the situation of workers

  • who build sports facilities in which Qatar will host the World Cup in 2022
  • live in miserable conditions.

The visit is unsuccessful

The failed visit of Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad to America.

which he left at dawn Friday, concluding a visit lasted 4 days, and the owner of a wide debate.

Trump has embarrassed the Emir of Qatar

The Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, was deeply embarrassed when Trump revealed.

That he had spent $ 8 billion to expand the base of many Americans at the expense of his country.

Trump said in a speech at a dinner hosted by US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin on Monday evening.

Speaking of the expansion of the US base in Qatar;

“It was through the investment of 8 billion dollars, and thank God was mostly from your money and not our money.”

“In fact, it’s better than that, because it was all your money.”

Al-Jazeera position

It is remarkable that Al-Jazeera ignored the translation of these parts of Trump’s statements to embarrass the Emir of Qatar, in a new professional fall of the channel.

Which has always used Trump’s remarks on economic relations and reinterpreted them in an abhorrent way.

It was also remarkable that the Emir of Qatar bragged about a trade deficit between the two countries in favor of the United States;

Saying in a speech:

“You must all be happy, especially Mr. Trump, to hear that there is a trade deficit between our two countries in favor of the United States.”

Tamim, laughing hard after declaring the deficit in the trade balance, seemed happy that his country was suffering from that economic problem.

Tamim in America confirmed what the American newspapers went to describe for the visit.

Where Fox News reported that Tamim bin Hamad came to Washington to beg Reza President Trump.

The US Department of Education has been following the visit of the Emir of Qatar to Washington.

She has launched investigations into his country’s relationship with :

  • suspected funding of two universities
  • identify actions taken by the managers to ensure that funds are not received related to terrorism.

Tamim’s visit to the White House came amid calls by writers and politicians to ask the US president to look into these crimes with Tamim.

Who spent millions of dollars on public relations companies to improve his image among American audiences.

During the four-day visit,

Qatar tried in vain to use the official protocols and invest them in sending erroneous messages to international public opinion.

The visit ended with a terrible failure

  • Embarrassing Tamim
  • Exhausting his country’s budget with only a few billion dollars to appease Trump.

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