Trump gives a last gift to Russia before the election

Trump's last gift to Russia before the election

US President Donald Trump has been obsessively focusing on the links that connect America to its allies since he came to power.

He tore one of those cords this week with one almost wanton yank, unveiling a decision to remove nearly 12,000 troops from Germany. This thin green string of power, threaded through the old towns, rolling fields and thick woods of Germany, has helped to preserve stability in Europe for three centuries, embodying an unbreakable dedication among the former enemies.

However, the partnership now is in freefall, destination unknown, particularly if Trump is re-elected later this year.

His decision, if his tweets were divined accurately, would seem to be punishing Germany.

Trump and Russia

His undiplomatic data bombs were out in the middle of the night in a few minutes. But it could take years to reverse the harm German leaders are worrying it will bring on the international alliance.

The head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the German Parliament, Norbert Roettgen. He replied on Twitter Wednesday, saying, “Instead of strengthening # NATO, it will weaken the alliance. The military clout of the US will not increase, but decrease relative to Russia and the Near & Middle East.”

State Governor Markus Soeder of Bavaria, whose country houses many US bases, has blamed Trump. “Sadly this severely harms German-American relations. A strategic advantage can not be visible. This weakens both NATO and the US itself.”

No shock, though, that the Kremlin is joyfully leveraging the consternation in Europe. With spokesperson Dmitry Peskov saying to CNN. “We have never denied that the fewer American troops there are on the Western mainland the more peaceful it becomes in Russia.”

Trump is the blessing he manages to deliver for the Kremlin. his unpredictability, while always a burden. For their propaganda machine is a constant grist for them.

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