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Trump has converted a meeting into a political tumult

Trump has converted a meeting into a political tumult

On Monday night Trump hurled a self-pitying tantrum on Live TV. However, he was 73 years old, sporting a long red tie and managing the strongest government in the world.

The president, greedy for campaign rallies, weekends and golf at Mar-a-Lago, and goaded by a sensational newspaper article, could not bear it anymore. Years of accreted anger and media distrust came gushing out like a flood. He played, raved, exploded and lit up the world with one of his presidency’s most jaw-dropping shows.

As he wants to call it, this was “a 10”

The president’s Easter had obviously been ruined by a damning investigation of the 5,500-word New York Times showing that Trump squandered precious time in January and February as numerous government figures sounded the alarm about the coronavirus.

Trump is persistent

With more than 23,000 American lives lost in conditions like this, some presidents may now consider resignation. president not. He landed in the conference room on the west wing ready to convince the world, or at least the foundation, that he was not to blame. It was now a fresh and brutal step in his battle against the “people’s enemy”: the media. There were families mourning loved ones lost to the virus in for icy relief.

A CNN chyron is worth a thousand phrases: “Trump continues to refuse to acknowledge any errors;” “Trump uses briefing by the Task Force to try and rewrite the history of coronavirus response;” “the president dissolves in angry response to reports he has ignored warnings of viruses;” “Angry Trump turns meeting into propagandistic session.”

The thin-skinned president spat at editors, swipped at Senator Joe Biden and refused to admit that he had wronged his foot. “And the New York Times article is a complete lie, it’s a lie publication and they’re publishing false stories. Then one day, probably in five years when I’m not here, these papers will all go out of business and no one will be reading them, “Trump said.

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