Trump between isolation and survival.. controversial

Trump between isolation
President Donald Trump speaks during an Armed Forces.

More anger and seriousness, Trump between isolation and survival. US President Donald Trump is dealing with the Democrats’ probe into the House of Representatives to isolate him.

In this new battle, the controversial president uses unprecedented vocabulary and expressions in American literature. So, Some observers even see it as a quote from the Middle Eastern and Latin American dictionary.

Trump called the move in Congress to isolate him from a “coup”.

“I have come to the conclusion that what is happening is not isolation, but a coup d’état. Which aims to seize the power, vote, and freedoms of the people. As well as, The Second Amendment, the religion, the army, the border wall, and their God-given rights as citizens.

Trump is launching a large-scale offensive

In all directions, after House Democrats proceeded with the probe to isolate the president, accused of abusing power. In connection with a conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky.

Trump between isolation and survival.. controversial

Whose content is controversial, and whether Trump asked for an investigation. As well as, On the suspicion of corruption for his political opponent Joe Biden. The leading candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

Civil war

The day before yesterday, Trump warned of a “civil war” in his country, if the Democrats managed to remove him from his position, and quotes the words of his religious advisor, Rev. Robert Jeffries, through his Twitter account.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats

They cannot remove me from my post, couldn’t beat it in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. As well as, They are increasingly aware of the fact that they will not win it in 2020.

Trump has revived conspiracy theories:

They called for the arrest of the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, a Democrat, for treason, warning of civil war.

Eventually, He described the start of his removal as “the biggest political persecution in our country’s history.

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