Trump attacks Democrats: our country is in “unprecedented” danger

Trump attacks Democrats
Trump is trying to rally public opinion against the Democratic Party.

US President Donald Trump attacks Democrats, the target of an investigation into alleged abuse of power, warned his supporters on Saturday that “our country is at unprecedented risk.”

Trump attacks Democrats on twitter

The warning came in a video posted on Twitter as part of Trump’s almost daily attacks against Democrats.

Democrats launched the first step against Trump:

Democrats in Washington on Tuesday launched the first step in Trump’s impeachment proceedings on suspicion that

As well as, He had asked his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate his political rival Joe Biden, a rare move that caused an earthquake in Washington.

Nancy Pelosi announced an official inquiry

Speaker of the Democratic House of Representatives, saying that

Trump renounced his oath of office by seeking foreign help to undermine Biden’s candidacy.

Bush said at the White House

Democrats want to take your guns, they want to take your health coverage, they want to take your votes, they want to take your freedom.”

Also,”We never let that happen, because our country is at stake like never. It is very simple, they are trying to stop me because I am fighting for you. I will never let that happen.”

Trump comments on the Democrats investigation to isolate him

Trump reiterated that the investigation in order to isolate him was a political “hunt”. So, The US president Trump said Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who heads a House of Representatives committee investigating the president’s actions. So, He had tarnished his reputation, saying he should resign from Congress.

Democrats vowed Friday to act quickly on Trump’s dismissal

As the evidence was clear that he had abused power through a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart and attempts to cover up wrongdoing.

Democrats chairing committees in the House of Representatives on Friday

They demanded US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who is close to Trump, to provide them with documents on the Ukraine issue in order to “speed up” the investigation to isolate the president.

“Your refusal to comply with this request will be a sign that the House of Representatives’ investigation of this rare action against a US president hampered,” said a statement by the heads of the State Department’s Intelligence and Oversight Committees to Pompeo.

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