The success of the first women’s space flight

first women's space flight
The first women's event in more than half a century of spacewalks.

Astronauts Christina and Jessica entered history with a five-hour mission. They succeeded in completing the historic mission yesterday, the first women’s space flight, the 221st mission of the International Space Station since the launch of spacewalks in 1998.

They made great efforts during the mission to replace the damaged battery charging unit in the outer part of the International Space Station. Without the intervention of a man in this mission.

They carried out the mission in space. known as an activity outside the spacecraft (EVA) in the language of astronauts, after seven Months from the originally planned date.

– Astronauts:

The flight from the International Space Station

It will be carried out by astronauts Christina Kush and Jessica Meir. who has been living in space since March and September, respectively.

– The mission:

NASA announced that:

The mission of the two astronauts is to replace the damaged battery charge unit in the outer part of the station. Which failed to change over the weekend.

– The first event of its kind:

This is the first women’s event in more than half a century of spacewalks. Astronauts and men made more than 200 spacewalks during the construction and maintenance of the International Space Station, but only 15 of them prepared to walk in space. They were not accompanied by men.

– Women’s Trip:

The mission originally scheduled to begin more than six months ago, with astronaut Ann McLean and Ms Cush. But the mission postponed because NASA did not have enough of the right size for McLean and returned to Earth. Her colleague Christina.

Comment by the Program Manager of the International Space Station:

ISS program director Kirk Sherman told a news conference earlier that it had been shown that over the next two years, many people would make space trips with medium-sized suits, referring to women’s spaceflight.

– Women’s achievements:

On October 6, Kush and fellow astronaut Andrew Morgan completed their first of five space flights scheduled for this month, a seven-hour, one-minute operation to replace nickel-hydrogen batteries with newer, more powerful lithium-ion batteries on and off the International Space Station. On October 11, Ms Kush and Mr Morgan completed a six-hour and 45-minute spacewalk to continue working on batteries.

– Special allowances for them:

The right space suit is the key to allowing the range of motion needed to perform work on spacewalks. The success or failure of a space mission depends on choosing the right suit for the astronaut. Which is why McLean’s mission delayed.

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