The Qatari bank role of financing jihadists

Qatari bank
Qataris the main sponsor of Islamists who spread violence in the region.

According to a Supreme Court allegation, the Qatari bank allegedly transferred large sums of money to a jihadist terrorist group in Syria.

The Qatari bank role of financing jihadists

The money  allegedly transferred to Jabhat al-Nusra from accounts at Doha Bank, an al-Qaeda affiliate.

Accounts at Doha Bank widely channeled to Jabhat al-Nusra, an al-Qaeda affiliate, during the Syrian civil war.

The Qatari-controlled British bank Al Rayan provides financial services to several Islamist-affiliated organizations in the UK.
Which, include a charity that considered a designated terrorist entity in America.

Tamim Qatari terrorists kill, finance, embrace and nurture the heads of strife:

Qatar’s relationship with extremist jihadist organizations has long been questioned and debated.

As well as, they are at odds with their Gulf neighbors over their support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

But, we faced with much of what the small Gulf state’s allies in the West.
Especially, within the UK and even Washington, have revealed.

These names point to the fact that Qatar is a breeding ground for terrorist financing despite repeated calls from:

  • The GCC.
  • The international community.

What are the extremist groups that Qatar support ?!

Qatar is the main sponsor of extremist groups in the region:

In the past few months, the Western press reported the involvement of senior members of the royal family in this oil-rich country only in supporting one of the most brutal

So, The extremist groups that Qatar support are:

  • Terrorist groups, ISIS.
  • Supporting al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Extremist Islamist groups in Libya, Syria, and Iraq.
  • Hamas in Gaza.
  • Armed extremist movements in Syria.

Qataris the main sponsor of Islamists who spread violence in the region.

Hersh reveals the role of Qatar and Turkey in transferring Gaddafi’s weapons to extremists in Syria.

What the Western press revealed is not mere allegations but documented facts, which Western officials have confirmed.

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