Supreme Court hears complaints about Trump’s tax returns

Supreme Court hears complaints about Trump's tax returns

In a big battle over presidential rights, the US Supreme Court has heard concerns over whether President Donald Trump will be able to keep his financial records private.

Mr Trump has declined to exchange information that could shed light on his fortune and his family business job.

Two congressional committees and prosecutors in New York are demanding the release of his tax returns and other information.

Private prosecutors at Mr Trump contend that he deserves complete immunity when in office.

Supreme Court will make a decision soon

A decision is due in weeks ‘ time. Mr Trump has declined to disclose his tax returns unlike other recent presidents and a decision against him could result in his personal financial records being public during the campaign season.

Experts believe the decision would have far-reaching consequences on Congress’ right. To scrutinize the actions of incumbent presidents and investigators in their investigations.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic the judges heard the proceedings remotely. The Supreme Court has an independent balance of 5-4 which features two Trump judges-Neil Gorsuch which Brett Kavanaugh.

Mr Trump’s lawyers have tried to block the subpoenas in the three cases-orders to hand over evidence. In both cases , lower courts in Washington and New York ruled against the president. But those decisions were put on hold pending a final court decision.

Two panels in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives demanded financial statements from two banks working with Mr Trump — Deutsche Bank and Capital One — and from Mazars, the consultants of the president.

Following a string of corporate bankruptcies in the 1990s. Deutsche Bank was one of the few banks able to lend to Mr Trump and the documents requested to contain information relating to the president. The Trump Organization and his family.

The lawyers of Mr Trump claimed that Congress had no power to grant the citations. And no legal reason for finding the documents.

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