Short Brief of resigned Algerian President “Bouteflika”

  • Bouteflika was born in Tlemcen, west of Algeria. But historians say that “Moroccan city of Oujda on other side of border is his hometown”
  • At age of nineteen, Bouteflika joined revolt against French rule under patronage of Houari Boumediene, revolutionary leader who later became president of Algeria.
  • After independence, Bouteflika became Minister of Youth & Tourism at age of 25. He was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs the following year. After Boumediene’s death in 1978, Bouteflika lost his post & was dismissed as Foreign Minister & began investigating him for financial irregularities. Political plot “.
  • He left Algeria in early 1980s, settled in Dubai & became an adviser to a member of  ruling family in UAE.
  • He returned to his home country in 1987, playing the limelight & rejected bids for government positions.
  • Outgoing Algerian president is a fighter in 1954-1962 war that ended French colonization. He became the first foreign minister after independence, one of main faces behind  Non-Aligned Movement and & Africa, Asia and Latin America a voice in world arena.
  • Bouteflika called for a number of crucial issues, challenging what he considered to be  hegemony of USA. In his capacity as President of UN General Assembly, he also called upon late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat to address international community in 1974 in a historic step towards international recognition of Palestinian cause.
  • At the end of 1970s, things turned on Bouteflika at home & traveled abroad, returning to public life during a conflict with militants in which an estimated 200,000 people were killed.
  • Bouteflika was elected president of Algeria for the first time in 1999, negotiating a truce to end fighting & wresting power from ruling establishment, which is secretive based on  army.
  • He was reelected in 2004 then in 2009, although his opponents said elections were rigged. In a series of fierce battles for influence with security forces behind scenes, Bouteflika became, at beginning of his third term, the most powerful president in Algeria in 30 years.

To read full statement of Bouteflika’s resignation letter, Click here

Algerian President “Bouteflika”; from struggle of “liberation” to get out of power

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