Rouhani’s conditions to meet Donald Trump

Rouhani's conditions
The United States imposes tough sanctions against Iran

Hassan Rouhani’s conditions to meet Donald Trump. President Hassan Rouhani urged the United States to take the first step towards dialogue between the two countries by lifting sanctions against Tehran.

Rouhani’s conditions to meet Donald Trump

Hassan Rouhani comments on the desire of trump:

Rouhani’s conditions came a day after US President Donald Trump said he had no objection to a meeting with Rouhani.

Hassan Rouhani’s conditions rule out a meeting with Donald Trump if Washington does not lift sanctions. So, He said that without this step, they will not solve this problem.

Rouhani's conditions

The United States imposes tough sanctions against Iran.

What is the reason for tensions between the United States and Iran?

Tensions between the United States and Iran escalated after Trump withdrew last year from a nuclear deal. At which limits Iran’s nuclear activities and reimposes sanctions.

Iran has refused Trump’s desire for a new agreement:

Trump has expressed a desire for a new agreement that would place permanent restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program. Also, halt its development of ballistic missiles. Iran has refused.

Details of US sanctions on Iran

The United States imposes tough sanctions against Iran:

The new sanctions would prevent Iran from using the US dollar in its trade.

Rouhani’s conditions for these new sanctions and to overcome the trade regulation rules.

So, a “painful blow” to Iranian oil exports, whose revenues are a major source of revenue for Iran.

The affection of other countries from the sanctions:

Eventually, Washington said, it would impose sanctions on countries that do not abide by their decision and continue to trade with Iran.

The prevention of the following:

  • The exchange of dollars with the Iranian government and Rouhani’s conditions will be hard to overcome this problem.
  • Trading transactions related to precious metals, especially gold.
  • As wall as, impose sanctions on institutions and governments, which deal in Iranian rials or Iranian government bonds.
  • The purchase or supply of a list of metals, most notably aluminum, iron and steel, and restrictions on the car and carpet sectors in Iran.
  • Eventually, the export or import of technology associated with industrial, civilian and military dual-use technical programs.

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