Qatar’s support for Hamas strengthens Palestinian division

Qatar's support for Hamas strengthens Palestinian division

Hamdeen continued to cheat the Palestinian case by fulfilling hopes of its Zionist partners through devoting division between brothers in West Bank and Gaza using its “poisoned” funds as Israeli media revealed transfer of 1.1 billion dollars of Qatari funds to Gaza in 6 years.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz boasted a report of Qatar’s services to supportZionist plan at expense of Palestinian case. It confirmed that Doha transferred1.1 billion US dollars between 2012 and 2018 to Hamas in Gaza Strip.

While Doha’s supporters of Qatari regime in Gaza argued that funds helped Palestinians to live under siege imposed on them by Israeli occupation. However, international reports confirmed that funds eventually reached hands of Hamas, arm of al-Hamdeen in Gaza Strip.

These amounts were entered into Gaza with approval of Israeli government. In 2018, Qatar transferred $ 200 million in humanitarian aid to pay price of fuel & salaries.

The report revealed reality of Qatari role in Gaza that confirms beyond any doubt that Doha has served objectives of occupation since 2012 disguised behind charity work to pass agenda of separation of besieged sector in coordination with Tel Aviv to transfer funds to Hamas & promote division.

According to the report, 44% of funds transferred by Qatar to Gaza were invested in infrastructure destroyed by aggressive wars launched by occupation, 40% of these amounts were transferred to education & health while the rest was transferred to Hamas besides other parties in Gaza Strip.

The report pointed out that Israeli occupation government took advantage of Qatari funds to buy a truce with Hamas that contributed to success of his ally Netanyahu before elections & undermined efforts to commit Tel Aviv to UN resolutions & Oslo agreement.

Qatari funds that entered Gaza sought to pressure Palestinian Authority to accept deal of the century represented a major obstacle to ending division. Hamdine refused to link its aid to Gaza Strip by handing Hamas over to PA. Security tasks in Gaza to government of Abbas.

Over the past year, with approval of Israel, $ 50 million has been transferred to UN Relief & other Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) after agency faced threat of closure following US decision to stop funding.

Last month, signed an agreement to donate half a billion dollars to UN agencies with majority expected to allow UNRWA to continue operating in Gaza that will help UN to employ 180,000 Gazans to reduce unemployment.

In recent months, Israeli occupation government allowed Qatari Ambassador Mohammed Al-Emadi to bring cash into Gaza Strip in full coordination with Israeli intelligence, without an agreement with Palestinian Authority.

Dubious role played by Qatar is largely involved in striping of Gaza from fabric of Palestinian society & desired unity among warring factions in occupied territories. Funds provided by Tamim to Hamas in Gaza Strip have achieved desired goal of separation between West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“The situation is better today, as Israel controls the identity of recipients of funds. Israel allows the entry of funds into the Palestinian territories since the Oslo agreement, and the only difference today is that in the past funds were directly to Abu Mazen (Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas) without Israeli supervision, but today they are transferred under full Israeli control”


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