Qatari ambassador covered up militant support for Hezbollah

Qatari ambassador covered up militant support for Hezbollah

Qatari ambassador to Belgium assisted a German public relations agency in a complex cover-up of Hezbollah financing by the Gulf State.

Qatarri ambassador covers for his country

According to the contractor, Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Sulaiman al-Khulaifi, Qatari ambassador to Belgium, allegedly sought to negotiate an agreement to pay Jason G., €750,000 to remain silent about Qatar ‘s reported role in financing Hezbollah. From 2009 to 2016 Khulaifi previously served as ambassador in Berlin.

“I never wanted to move down. This was also the goal to figure out who the Hezbollah financiers were in Qatar and what security Qataris are offering them, “Jason said.

“Jason G.” says he is using the pseudonym to prevent potential Qatari regime retribution. Last week, he told the German press that he had written a dossier on Hezbollah’s suspected funding of Qatar. Many newspapers have also been able to review sections of Jason’s comprehensive dossier, outlining Qatar ‘s alleged financing of weapons for the Lebanese Shi’ite movement. The veracity of the dossier had reportedly been authenticated by German intelligence.

In recent weeks, Jason has been at the forefront of three German media news stories on Qatar’s terror funding of Hezbollah, and his use of the influential WMP public relations department to allegedly approve a massive cash bribe to delete Doha ‘s fingerprints in supplying Hezbollah with material military assistance.

Although Jason has not been visited, which will not disclose his identity or with whom he actually works, the paper has had several discussions with him and his counsel. The newspaper has received documentation from Jason and his attorney alleging Qatar ‘s role in financing activities in Hezbollah.

German newspapers stated facts

Two German newspapers − Die Zeit and Berliner Zeitung − claimed in July that in an attempt to conceal Qatar‘s supposed financial funding for Hezbollah. A top Qatari diplomat in Brussels who was also a contact with Michael Inacker. The CEO of the WMP public relations firm, acted as the point person between Qatar and Jason.

Inacker has denied being involved in an effort to cover up suspected funding from Qatari for terrorism attacks.

According to a record of a conversation between Jason G. And the Qatari envoy to Belgium, Inacker, came up many times during the chat.

Jason also said he knew Inacker from an informant and that the executive of public relations was on the “Western security establishment map”. Because of previous research for Qatar ‘s regime by WMP.

The newspaper-led research confirmed that Khulaifi was present with Inacker. At the Arab-German business events while Khulaifi was ambassador to Germany.

The Berliner Zeitung also reported on Monday that “Inacker seemingly had contact with a top-level Qatari diplomat in Brussels came in handy.”

Terrorism funding

Die Zeit wrote that, “Inacker, Jason G, in Brussels early 2019. And in Brussels the Qatari ambassador had lunch to negotiate the specifics “of the €750,000 agreement to ensure Jason’s silence.

In 2019 Jason met with the ambassador in Brussels. Three times in January, three times in May, once in August and then in Prague in September.

The Berliner Zeitung wrote that “The discussion between the two men was tackling an alarming deal. According to sources in the Berliner Zeitung. High-ranking intelligence officials in Qatar reportedly holding out the possibility of €750,000 if the details did not come to light.”

According to audio from a conversation with Jason G accessed. And on May 5, 2020, Inacker, the security contractor asked the PR executive “I think, what do we decide on? At the end? I said it’s only €300,000 [of €750,000 to go to Inacker]?

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