“Qatar: US Ally or Global Menace?”


Last year, Qatar’s newspaper Al-Jazeera published a long spy operation that exposed an Israeli embassy official attempting to influence British lawmakers

“Qatar is involved in cyber attacks, shouldn’t be a surprise”, Rep. Jack Bergman, congressman statement in Middle East Forum.

Qatar is a sponsor of a terrorism by continuing to fund Hamas to smuggle missiles into Gaza strip, spending billions in their villages in addition to supporting another terrorist group called “Taliban Islamic Brotherhood “.

As its reported in 2017, Qatar paid billions as a ransom for former Qaeda affiliate in Syria besides Iranian officials as a part of a deal to release 26 families kidnapped by jihadist in Syria.

Last month, Qatar allowed a hateful Anti-Semitic cartoons that demonize Jews in addition to prohibiting a sectarian racial, religious trends that harms the good will of any person.

Qatar is much closer to Iran especially in late years. However, US hasn’t taken enough actions toward these moves & must be held into accountability as “The Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act” held in 2017 to prevent Hamas & any other affiliates to access international support networks.

It requires President Trump to report Congress for any visual or entities connected to foreign states financing Hamas or other terrorist groups.

Taliban requests Doha as a local office instead of Afghan President offer

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