Qatar is The Mystery of American Politics

Qataris are the only ones who can combine the contradictions of a US base, a Turkish base, a Brotherhood station and Iranian traders.

Qatar is the only one who can combine the contradictions of a US base, a Turkish base, a Brotherhood station and Iranian traders.

The hidden secret in the corridors of successive US and Republican administrations that :

  • can be summed up by the activity of Qatari governments

The puzzling mystery of US policy on the situation in Qatar can be summed up in three ways.

the first:

  •  Is the immersion of the permanent and firm Qatari rulers in embracing the Muslim Brotherhood, the Syrians, the Palestinians, the Iraqis and the Libyans.
  • Granting them the safe shelter from which they will launch their projects.
  • Bestow them with the money they need to finance their “jihadist” operations in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Libya and Iraq
  •  Empty the entire Al-Jazeera channel to spread their fatwas, insults and fabrications against regimes that are not allied to America

The second:

 Is the entire Qatari alliance in all

  • political
  • military
  • economic
  • intellectual
  • doctrinal
  • media matters

with the Tehran regime, which dares America and its allies, threatens its interests, and assassinates its soldiers and officers.


 “Jihad” the sheikhs Qatari rulers inflict any possible damage to the

  • security
  • media
  • political
  • economic partners in the Gulf Cooperation Council

In stark contrast to the most important pillars of US policy in the region

Enter the list of quarrels of the Qatari rulers of America

  • Bringing in Turkish military forces
  • Armies of Iranian experts and traders
  • help them increase the level of instability in the region
  • prolong the tension in it

After all this, Did not the US White House believe that

the Greater State of Qatar is fighting the US and undermining its

  • policies
  • positions
  • alliances
  • interests in the region and the world

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