Donald Trump’s events problems in the pandemic era

The problem with events in the pandemic age of Donald Trump

Covid-19 cases ascend globally, as well as within the staff of President Donald Trump.

Nonetheless, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence continued to hold public events. Even without the pandemic, scheduling and planning ahead of every presidential event is complicated. But now, when the president or vice president is on the move, it puts at greater risk its staff members and guests.

Following Trump’s Tulsa Rally, eight campaign staffers and two Secret Service agents tested positive for coronavirus on site for the rally. The rest of Trump’s campaign team who attended quarantined the following week.

Then, eight Secret Service agents assigned to Pence’s detail ahead of an Arizona event, tested positive for coronavirus just before Pence travels there. The trip delayed back by a day to swap sick agents out for safe ones.

Donald Trump’s Problems

The 2012 presidential candidate and co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, Herman Cain, also attended Trump’s Tulsa rally. He later tested positive for coronavirus and suffered such extreme symptoms that he went to hospital last week. Though Cain ‘s spokesman said it was difficult to say whether Cain caught the virus at the rally.

Kimberly Guilfoyle tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, ahead of Trump’s pre-Independence Day celebration at Mt. Rushmore. Guilfoyle, a top donor for Donald Trump Jr.’s Trump campaign and a girlfriend. They attended both the Tulsa rally and Trump’s visit to a megachurch in Arizona.

And only one coronavirus exposure will set out shockwaves. Republican Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte suspended in-person campaigning for his state governorial bid after his wife and running mate attended an event with Guilfoyle.

Trump does have another campaign event on the docket, despite all that. This weekend he went to New Hampshire for a rally at the International Airport in Portsmouth. The crowd will be inside the hangar of the aircraft, and may overflow to the tarmac.

The state of Granite is one of the few states with dropping cases of coronavirus. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu, of New Hampshire, said today that he would wear a mask to greet Trump. And that “it is imperative that people wear masks attending the rally.”

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