President Donald Trump’s desire to end the pandemic is illogical

President Donald Trump's desire to end the pandemic is illogical

President Donald Trump has no willingness of accepting any new norm dictated by the pandemic coronavirus.

The dramatic proof of that is his big return-to-the-campaign trail rally set for Saturday night. The event will be an extraordinary moment in Oklahoma, even in a presidency that has frequently challenged credulity.

President Donald Trump’s expectations

This would in turn be one, if not the only, mass engagement event indoors in months anywhere in the world. President Donald Trump’s 20,000-strong audience will be filled at a time when big North American sports leagues are weeks away from playing games — without fans in the face of fears of having “super-spreader” activities.

The rally is perhaps the most extreme example of the President‘s inability to moderate his actions to match a pandemic that has buckled the flow of everyday life any longer. He is trying to propagate lies about the disease and the state of US research in order to force economic openings. The cumulative effect is that it makes it look like the worst 100-year public health crisis has gone all but by. By suppressing the appearances of leading government health officials in the White House and by flouting the advice of his government to wear a mask. President Donald Trump also downplays the seriousness of a virus that still kills thousands of Americans each week.

His mindset correlates with palpable civic tiredness. After weeks of home-stay directives and limits on where people can fly, eat and socialize. And it serves him to leave the illusion. With his reelection bid in cold storage for weeks, that the nation has already prevailed.

But health experts warn that the attitude of the president Donald Trump undermines nationwide efforts to combat the disease. And it could cost lives and cause even greater damage to an economy crushed by lockdown orders. A closely watched model by the University of Washington ‘s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation on Monday. It predicted more than 201,000 Covid-19 deaths in the US by October 1. The projection predicts a sharp increase in daily deaths during September and October.

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