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Poll reveals the number of supporters of Trump’s removal

Trump's removal
Should Trump be removed?

A public opinion poll in the United States of America showed that supporters of removing President Donald Trump’s removal from his position as president have rejected the number of those who reject his dismissal.

The poll of Trump’s removal

The poll was conducted from January 17-22 in all the United States.

Reuters news agency and Ipsos conducted a poll showed that:

  • 44% of the respondents support isolating Trump
  • While 31% called for the need to withdraw the accusations against him
Two-thirds of the participants said:
  • They would follow Trump’s Senate trial.

It is noteworthy that the trial of President Donald Trump had officially started in the Senate on Tuesday. So, in a rare use of the constitutional mechanism to topple the president.

Democrats against Trump

Democrats in the Republican-controlled Senate called for Trump to be removed from office because of

  1. “pressure on Ukraine” to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.
  2. As well as, his rival in the upcoming presidential election.
  3. Then “obstruct the investigation of the scandal.”

According to statutory impeachment procedures

The process that organized in the Senate is a trial, in which its members hold the status of jurors, while deputies speak as the prosecution.

At the end of the discussions, voting held between the senators. The removal of the Head of State from his position in the event of this vote obtaining the votes of two-thirds of the members of the Senate. Eventually, given the Republicans’ control of the majority of seats in this council, the isolation process will most likely stop at this stage.

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