Muslim brotherhood causes stir on social media


The head of the World Union of Muslim Scholars, Abdul Rahim Shikhi, is considered to be one of the leaders of sedition and fatwas of murder and terrorism and has allegedly assassinated the heads of a number of countries. Headed by Muammar al-Qadhafi, after he visited them and lied to him Shiki’s visit, according to observers, remained ambiguous at a time when the sponsor state of the Arab Spring was re-positioning itself in geopolitics.
The movement’s website said that “in the framework of the efforts of the unification and reform movement to develop public relations and its openness to scientific and cultural institutions abroad, the President of the movement, Mr. Abdul Rahim Sheikhi visited Doha.
According to the same source, he visited the head of the movement on the first day Qatar National Library, an art and cultural landmark prominent landmark in Qatar and the Arab world, and visited the President of the World Union of Muslim Scholars Dr. Sheikhi.
“Al-Sheikhi met many researchers, visited institutions and reviewed the work of the Cultural Center that is run by Dr. Jassim Sultan, and the Al-Jazeera Center for Studies, run by Dr. Mohammed Al-Mukhtar Al-Khalil, where he met with a number of researchers and studied the work of these institutions and their contributions in the fields of culture and scientific research. The experience of the unification and reform movement and its work and production.”
The movement claimed that the visit was part of the development of the movement’s public relations. It is known that this relationship has been established for a long time through the mediation of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and has grown steadily after the arrival of Ahmad al-Risouni, the former president of the movement, while the leaders of the movement consider Qaradawi an imam.

Despite the movement’s claims, Yusuf al-Qaradawi is an egyptian but has been registered a Qatari national and is currently the strongest and most influential man in Qatar and has attempted to prevent his name from being included on the US terrorism lists. Egypt hasn’t been able to extradite him even though he has been listed on terrorism list issued by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain.
He is also famous for issuing fatwas that incite violence, where women are held responsible for sexual assault, and called for homosexuals to be thrown out of a high place. This is what the “Daqsh” organization later did and issued anti-Semitic fatwas saying: “Kill them all until the last one”

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