Israel freezes annexation of Palestine for UAE relations

Israel freezes annexation of Palestine for UAE relations

Israel will prohibit any Palestinian territorial expansion in return for maintaining diplomatic relations with the UAE, the countries agreed Thursday.

The deal came in a phone call between Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, known as the Teh Abraham Agreement.

The US reiterated its commitment to stability in the Middle East in a joint statement, in addition to further enhancing military relations with the UAE.

UAE and US efforts

“Massive achievement today! Landmark peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, our two Wonderful mates,” Mr Trump tweeted.

“This is a big step toward Mideast stability. Mr Trump told White House reporters.

The statement says UAE and Israeli officials will continue to sign bilateral agreements “in the next few weeks.”

Trump's tweet
“This historic diplomatic achievement will promote stability in the Middle East region. Also it is a tribute to the bold leadership and ambition of the three leaders. And the determination of the UAE and Israel to map a new course. That will unleash immense promise in the world”. The joint statement said.

“This standardization of relations and friendly diplomacy. This would put together two of the most trusted and competent international allies in the US.”

There was no time limit to the expansion pause, but it is expected to lead to the long-running dispute being eventually resolved. The deal on Thursday will not alter the UAE ‘s understanding of the peace process and remains committed to the Arab peace initiative of a two-state settlement agreed with East Jerusalem as the capital of an autonomous Palestinian state.

The situation went viral

Also, Crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, has tweeted about the results of the efforts. The annexation stopping is a huge step towards a peaceful middle east. Many politicians and influencers among twitter praised the situation.

MBZ tweetThough the timetable for developing diplomatic outposts has not been specified, the agreement would provide for travel between the two countries, trade. Including technologies and products – and also cooperation in areas such as food security, climate change and energy, the statement clarified.

This will develop diplomatic missions in the future.

UAE officials have also vocally warned Mr Netanyahu in recent months. Against proposals to partition most of the West Bank and Jordan River.

UN, Arab and European officials cautioned this. The move would eventually destroy the possibility of a two-state settlement for an independent Palestine. whose,by the way, capital is East Jerusalem.

The step, negotiated earlier this year by Mr Netanyahu and the Blue and White party’s Benny Gantz in a power-sharing deal. It did not take place as expected on July 1st. But now everything is fine and peace is coming soon we hope.

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