Israel, UAE and Bahrain sign deals at the White House

Israel, UAE and Bahrain sign deals at the White House

In a ceremony on the White House South Lawn on Tuesday, President Donald Trump heralded a pair of landmark deals formalizing diplomatic relations between Israel and two Arab Gulf states.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain foreign ministers signed the agreements – written in English, Hebrew and Arabic – signalling a significant diplomatic change in the Middle East and granting Trump a forum as a peacemaker as he begins the reelection campaign in the fall.

“This afternoon, we are here to change the direction of history,” Trump said at the ceremony’s launch.

Singing at the White House

Netanyahu called the agreements “a turn of history” and “heralds a new dawn of peace.” Bahraini and UAE foreign ministers were similarly expansive in their support for the pacts.

“The Middle East has been held back by violence and mistrust for so long, causing unspeakable devastation and thwarting the promise of our best and brightest generations,” said Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Bahrain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. “Now, I ‘m sure. We got the chance to change that.”

The diplomatic pageantry at the White House on Tuesday, attended by 800 invited guests. Accompanied months of behind-the-scenes monitoring by Trump’s son-in – law, Jared Kushner, and his foreign negotiating ambassador, Avi Berkowitz.

The signing ceremony reflects a realignment in the Middle East. As once committed to Palestinian statehood. Arab nations step away from that dedication to improve their relations with Israel. It also highlighted Trump’s strong relations with Netanyahu. In their respective political campaigns they have tried to support each other at crucial moments. The ardent pro-Israel position of Trump is widely popular among evangelicals and the wider GOP community.

In normalizing ties with Israel. Netanyahu and Trump both expected that other Arab countries would eventually join Bahrain and the UAE.

According to the agreements, Israel, the UAE and Bahrain will set up embassies, exchange ambassadors. Also collaborate on a wide variety of topics, from trade to health care to defense.

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