Trump declares ‘Bahrain-Israel peace agreement’

israel bahrain peace

Israel and Bahrain’s Gulf State have signed a historic agreement to completely normalize their ties, US President Donald Trump declared.

Most Arab states have boycotted Israel for decades, claiming they can only develop relations after the resolution of the Palestinian conflict.

But the United Arab Emirates ( UAE) decided last month to normalize their relations with Israel.

There had been a lot of speculation Bahrain could follow suit.

Mr Trump, who unveiled his Middle East peace proposal to settle the Israeli-Palestinian crisis in January, has helped negotiate both negotiations.

Israel-Bahrain peace agreement

Bahrain is just the fourth Arab nation in the Middle East to accept Israel after its establishment in 1948, after the UAE, Egypt and Jordan.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was “excited” that “another peace deal” with another Arab nation was signed on Friday.

“This is a new age of prosperity. Prosperity for stability. Business for business. We’ve been investing in peace for many years and now stability is going to be investing in us.”

“Another historic achievement today!” Mr Trump wrote on Twitter adding: “Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Bahrain Kingdom commit to a peace agreement.”

The president also shared a transcript of a joint statement on Twitter. This was between the three leaders. Mr Trump, Mr Netanyahu and King Hamad bin Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa of Bahrain.

The UAE welcomed this recent move. The Foreign Ministry said it was “another significant and historic accomplishment. That would also make an immense contribution to the region’s peace and growth.”

Before the announcement in August of the UAE deal-which involved the termination of the contentious attempts of Netanyahu to occupy portions of the  West Bank. Israel had no diplomatic relations with the Arab Gulf countries.

The first official flight from Israel to the UAE was last month. This was also a significant move in normalizing relations.

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