Turkey stops its flights to Iran by order of the Emir of Qatar

Rage in Iranian and Turkish media over banning flights to Iran

As part of the measures against the coronavirus outbreak, Turkey has suspended flights to Iran and Afghanistan, the Transport Ministry said Sunday.

As of 11 June Turkish Airlines had gradually resumed international flights.

According to the official IRNA news agency, a spokesman for Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization, Reza Jafarzadeh, has confirmed the flight suspension.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said on Saturday that the coronavirus may have infected 25 million people in Iran, even though health officials later sought to downplay the estimate.

Banning flights to Iran

This comes right after the Emir of Qatar traveled secretly to Turkey. Special sources have said that Tamim linked Qatar’s financing to Turkey’s economy. To save it against Corona by stopping flights to Iran which is the main reason behind the decision.

A lot of Turkish and Iranian social media accounts have been discussing the matter.

This decision also made the Turkish and Iranian public opinion furious. Because this implies that Qatar has an overruling power over the government in Turkey. It also means that despite everything the 3-country alliance have gone through, disputes are still there. Turkey desperately needs Qatar to boost its falling economy. And apparently Qatar also has the upper hand in all of that. Let’s wait and see how this goes.

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