Iranian regime crimes in the region and the world

Iranian regime
a black history of sabotage and tampering with regional security.

The Iranian regime internationally categorized as the primary sponsor of international terrorism through its numerous crimes and terrorist operations against its citizens and against the peoples of the region and the world. Where it founded several terrorist organizations at home and abroad.

Iran: a black history of sabotage and tampering with regional security

Which Includs:

  • Hezbollah militias in Lebanon
  • Also, Hezbollah Hijaz in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states
  • Hezbollah, Asaib Ahl al-Haq, dozens of sectarian militias in Iraq
  • As well as the Houthis in Yemen
  • As well as Tehran’s support

Complicity with other international terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda, which has harbored the number of its leaders and still a number in Iran.

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Iranian regime

a black history of sabotage and tampering with regional security.

Iran has been fomenting intrigue and interference in other countries’ affairs

The recent escalation by Iran is nothing new to the mullahs’ regime, which has;

  1. stirred up trouble and turmoil in the region
  2. adopted a policy of interfering in the affairs of others
  3. carrying out sabotage operations across its arms spread across the number of countries around the world

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What is the response of the US Navy against the Iranian regime?

In response to Iranian regime threats, the US Navy announced that

  • It had conducted exercises in the Arabian Sea with an aircraft carrier group ordered to fly to the region.

The Navy said:

The exercise, conducted in the USS Abraham Lincoln, in coordination with the US Marine Corps, highlighted

“lethality and agility to respond to the threat,” as well as deterrence and preservation of US strategic interests.”

The exercise was also attended by the Kersarge Amphibious Landing Group and the 22nd Marine Corps, which were deployed in the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet in the Gulf.

The Navy pointed out that the exercises conducted included training “air-to-air” and quickly started in the formation and maneuver.

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