Intelligence reports reveal a “Qatari – Turkish” plan to move events in Algeria


While the Algerians are demonstrating and singing in the streets demanding the departure of the regime and its senior officials, a violent backlash is taking place behind the scenes between Paris and Istanbul.

Fears of destabilizing Algeria and adhering to Bouteflika’s road map for peaceful transition without harming the security situation.

Less slip could undermine the stability of the entire Maghreb region. In contrast, another camp wants to force the Bouteflika regime to leave under pressure to put its pawns on the patch and gain influence in this very strategic country in North Africa.

This camp is led by the alliance between Istanbul and Doha, where Turkey and Qatar are heavily betting on a scenario that forces Bouteflika to leave power to allow new players to serve their agenda. In this context, Turkish interests play a very important role in encouraging the Islamic movement in the country, whether the movement of the peace community or other networks in the field of business or religious associations to occupy the Algerian street and organize and control it politically.

A detailed report of the French intelligence services on the role of the Turkish lobby in this direction revealed that the management of many pages of Facebook and virtual groups are from Turkey. The goal is to deepen public anger to maintain mobilization in the streets.

Turkish channels have doubled reports on Algeria in its language programs And focuses in all its publications on the situation in Algeria with a message that the change must be made now and all leaders close to Bouteflika must go.

Worse still, funds have been allocated to convert them to Algeria and support the close networks of Erdogan’s allies and the Justice and Development Party to develop this popular anger against Bouteflika’s regime. French authorities have seized at least two million euros in bags of Turkish passengers to Algeria via Paris. This funding is part of a financial package designed to support protest networks that develop slogans and organize popular demonstrations against Bouteflika.

Paris sounded the alarm and followed with deep dismay the involvement of Erdogan’s allies in the Algerian crisis.

These Turkish networks encourage political change inappropriate for the leaders of the Elysee, which is strongly rejected by Paris.

This happens while Algerians who are not aware of the dangers of network wars still believe that their popular mobility is not subject to foreign interference.

Exclusif. Paris Vs Istanbul : une lutte acharnée en Algérie sur fond de manifestations contre le régime

Les Algériens manifestent, chantent dans les rues et réclament à tue-tête le départ du régime et de ses hauts responsables. Mais dans les coulisses, une lutte acharnée est en train de se jouer à l’abri des projecteurs des médias et des regards de la population algérienne. Cette lutte acharnée oppose Paris à Istanbul.


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