How to restore US-Qatari relations to reshape the Gulf ?!

US-Qatari ties
Trump took the rare step of supporting the blockade of Qatar for many years. So, What is the situation now?!

The latest meeting between President Donald Trump and the Emir of Qatar marks a major shift for US-Qatari ties. Which has accused most of the Gulf state of financing terrorism.

It unveiled the limits of influence that could shift the balance of power in the Arab world. As well as, open the door to the return of pluralism in the Gulf achieved by adversaries in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, at the White House.

US-Qatari ties reshape the Gulf

In 2017, President Trump took the rare step of intervening and supporting the blockade of Qa- for tar many years. When Saudi Arabia and the UAE launched a blockade and isolation of Qatar. So, forcing 10 of its allies to sever or reduce ties with Doha.

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Restoring relations after a two-year break:

Two years later, President Trump received the Qatari Emir, Sheikh Tamim Al Thani, at the White House. At which, Referring to him as an “old friend” and signing billions of dollars in arms deals and presenting a realistic check to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

Some observations on Trump’s positions:

Observers and officials in the region say that the Trump axis in Qatar.Which, proved the limits of reliable support from the White House for transactions.

Full expenses incurred in building the US airbase in Qatar:

Crucially, Sheikh Al Thani agreed not only to expand the US airbase outside Doha. A long-standing request from Washington and a priority to contain nearby Iran. But Qatar is fully funding the costly expansion itself.

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