How did Houthi avenge people of Yemen? Forcing women & children to enlist as human shields


The latest series of reprisals was characterized by brutality launched by Houthi group against Yemeni people. The most recent of these is many violations committed against women by  international community & Committee of Experts, especially after their defeat in front of  Yemeni army supported by Arab coalition & popular resistance on several fronts in Sahel, Saada & Taiz.

Alarming number of Houthis, where food insecurity reached 76%, puts Yemen in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Escobar Center for Human Rights confirmed that there are 24 million Yemenis who need urgent food assistance, mostly in coup control areas which seek to confiscate aid In view of prevalence of malnutrition among children who have not received health care since outbreak of war & because of imposition of coercive policies by militias on relief organizations operating under their control.

10 million Yemenis at a critical stage & in dire need of saving them from a famine following  suspension of World Bank’s financial aid for 9 million Yemenis because of militias’ refusal to establish contact centers to transfer funds to these families.

Yemen: 2019 Humanitarian Needs Overview [EN/AR] – Yemen

NEEDS AND KEY FIGURES The humanitarian crisis in Yemen remains the worst in the world. Nearly four years of conflict and severe economic decline are driving the country to the brink of famine and exacerbating needs in all sectors.

Houthi militias targeted civilian homes in Hodeidah & homes of leaders of Sa’ada who opposed them. They also used schools, mosques, military barracks, sniper sites & stores for their weapons, intimidated those who refuse to use their homes as barracks.

  • Militias attack women

Noura al-Jarwi, Yemeni activist, called on international community to take a serious stand to confront women’s vulnerability in Yemen, pointing out that women are facing much hardship under rule of Houthis. She pointed out that Houthi militias arrested 15 girls taking them from Al- , As well as 35 young people; against backdrop of protests & against deteriorating economic conditions in Yemen.

Meanwhile in Yemen: All-female brigade of Houthi fighters brandishing rocket launchers during parade

A brigade of all-female Houthi fighters held a parade in front of a school in Sanaa on Tuesday. Hundreds of girls reportedly joined the fighters, who were heavily armed carrying machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. The Houthi fighters reportedly received food and gold jewellery from supporters at the end of the parade.

  • Children human shields
Not only militias, but also used people of Yemen as human shields, especially children, which was confirmed by Dr. Anwar Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, explaining that Houthis planted roads leading to port of Hodeidah mines to block access to it. For their part, military analysts pointed out by coupers cut streets with barriers & digging trenches, pointing to crimes of militias in deployment & cultivation of mines heavily & indiscriminately, believing that this may delay progress of legitimate forces. They also used people as human shields. They bombarded hospitals like revolution with ground-to-ground missiles, trying to attach crime to coalition planes. They also used mosques near west coast in their war, where they were turned into barricades for snipers for media exploitation.

Yemen Watch | Houthisuse children for human shields in Yemen’s Hodeidah confirmed by Arab coalition

Col Turki Al Maliki spokesperson of Arab coalition claims being unable to free Hodeidah as the Houthi militia was using orphans as human shields. Read More at https://goo.gl/6pZPDj #Yemen #AlHouthi #Children

  • Detention of relief vessels

While Arab coalition forces send relief to \people of Yemen, militia is holding vessels carrying foodstuffs & also oil derivatives to fuel a fuel crisis. Yemeni government has revealed ] detention of Houthi coup militia ten oil & commercial vessels inport of Hodeidah, some of them spent about six months in detention .

Minister of Local Administration in Yemeni government, head of Higher Relief Committee, Abdel-serib Fatah, said militia prevented ships from emptying their cargo of fuel & food, calling on UN humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Lisa Grande to speed up intervention, pressure on militias to release those ships, unloading cargo & allow movement Safe passage of oil, relief & commercial vessels in the port.

  1. The minister added that ship, which is named “distya pushti”, arrived in Hodeidah port on 28 September with 10955 tons of 9025 tons of gasoline & the ship RINA which arrived on October 3rd & is on board. 5700 tons of flour & sugar, was prevented from being dumped by coup militias.

  2. Ship SINCERO, which arrived in port of Hodeidah on 26 September last carrying 15025 tons of diesel, in addition to vessel CARPE DIEM-2, which arrived on 30th of month with a 19350 tons diesel & vessel called PVT EAGLE, which arrived on third of October With 7022 tons of diesel and 1,4793 oil, was also prevented from unloading, as well as 6 other oil & commercial vessels have been detained during different periods of past three months.



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