Houthi crimes: Child abduction, sexual harassment under pretext of inspection


Number of women have revealed hideous crimes committed by Huthi rebels in Yemen, including harassment & abuse of women. According to the accounts of several of them, coup crews go to every woman they watch for inspection, The hijab, inhuman withdrawal of gowns & inappropriate behavior of any arrested woman, especially in vicinity of Sana’a, which eventually led to commitment of many women to their homes for fear of tampering with their privacy.

Sana’a Directorate has witnessed many disputes between relatives of women who have been harassed searched by these coup elements, despite knowledge that these women are powerless carrying only small bags that contain their daily necessities. The search for women is not limited to roads, markets & public centers. Crimes have also led to search of women inside houses after they have been invaded by coups. There is no shortage of rape, violation of symptoms under threat of weapons, & sometimes killing of men.

  • The teacher “M.S” from Sanaa, to leave once from her home for nearly two years, pointing out that exposure of Houthis made them decide not to go out again, saying that during  exit was wearing veil of legitimacy covering head, face & body. When passing through , So four people standing at a checkpoint running towards it quickly on the other side of road.
“One of them took my bag out of my hands & searched it while two others felt parts of my body, making me cry and cry. Huthis have sacrificed our dignity, lived on us, & amounted to violation of freedom in streets without any deterrent”
Violations of Huthis did not stop at the end of destruction of cities, killing of innocent people, abduction of children, & practice of all kinds of vices, but it came to gangs of Houthi to forcibly break into homes without permission or knowledge of their people, pointing to deliberately deliberately insulting women & inspect them.
“Houthis insulting women dropped all rules of legitimacy & customs tribe. Yemeni women are fair in nature respecting themselves. But Huthis are a group of criminal elements, most of them former & prison inmates. Many of them are involved in criminal cases such as murder, abuse & kidnapping. They spread out in streets in coordination with deposed Ali Abdullah Saleh to humiliate, repress &suppress”
  • A second tragedy with Huthis was reported by Safiya Jubran, indicating that her husband had died two years ago. She had left three children, aged between 7 & 11 years. Houthis had kidnapped one of them for almost a year, not knowing whether her son was alive or dead. Now, this child has asthma & goes to school with his treatment, can not stay in open places for fear of a respiratory crisis.
  • She was forced to prevent her other two children from going to school, for fear of them. But one day she was surprised by two armed men broke into her house. One of them ordered her & her mother to ask for food. , And not only armed food, but grabbed gold bracelets & rings from her hands at gunpoint. One of them searched the house, & seizure of her husband’s gun, a number of bullets, amid crying of her children & panic of what happened in front of them.
What she was really afraid of was physically assaulted, especially as this shameful behavior was repeated in some of houses of neighborhood. A number of Houthis attacked four girls, attacked wife of mayor of neighborhood & killed his son, without daring to take a stand against such acts. Women increase fear, adding:
“We ask God to return their hand in their throats”
Houthis are searching for women in humiliating, degrading ways, breaking into homes & violating their sanctities. These are human crimes & actual war crimes, as they represent a big & unacceptable flaw in Yemeni conservative society, pointing out that Huthis are blackmailing, threatening women & violating symptoms. Very difficult to know tribes.
“There are cases of searches, humiliation of women, harassment of Huthi leaders.  These practices increased during siege of Taiz, & outlets of city, as women were subjected to many violations, there are certificates & documents prove that Houthi devoid of any traditions or values or ethics. In its war on civilians, bombing of houses after kidnapping, abduction & recruitment of children”

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