GOP lawyer who splits Voter Fraud charges with Trump

GOP lawyer who splits Voter Fraud charges with Trump

Ben Ginsberg is the single most successful Republican political GOP lawyer in modern years in the United States. That is why looking at what he said on Wednesday is really interesting.

He blows a trumpet, some kind of. There are sporadic cases of bribery in several polls, he added, pointing out that he had served on Voting Days for Republicans for 38 years. Betrayal? He just didn’t see it. And claiming it is there because it is not is not safe.

The GOP Lawyer

What is that, then? Now retired, Ginsberg was a Jones Day associate, the same firm as Don McGahn, the former White House chief of staff. The company supports the movement headed by President Donald Trump. Ginsberg worked on the 2016 Trump campaign — but before that he was a key player in Florida’s 2000 recall, working to get George W. Bush into the White House. He consulted on the 2012 Romney campaign. He has been seeking to help GOP candidates work out a method of open discussion.

Yet in 2013, he was also co-chairing a bipartisan look into election questions.

The scam is not common. “The lack of evidence. Votes are unfair or illegitimate should be what drives the actions of the parties and for the words of the President, and for the President to throw doubt on the legitimacy of the polls, by claiming that they are illegitimate or that the results are skewed, is clearly not backed up by what are observed in the polling places by the thousands of Republican polls lawyers.”

When Ginsberg says mail ballots to any elector, he doesn’t like it. But it doesn’t get Trump right. “It’s a concern that voter lists aren’t necessarily completely reliable. People travel and die. But there are live votes in some states that may trigger complications. In most states, missing or mail-in votes, the procedure is the same between states, it’s not the exact thing the President is concerned about.

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