Trump postpones the G7 meeting until September at least

Trump postpones the G7 meeting until September at least

President Donald Trump has announced that he would delay the G7 meeting until September at least and will invite four additional countries to the summit: Russia, Australia, India and South Korea.

“I’m delaying it because I don’t believe this is exactly what’s going on around the world as a G7. That’s a really close group of nations,” Trump told reporters on Saturday inside Air Force One.

The G7 is made up of the USA , Canada, France , the United Kingdom, Germany , Italy and Japan.

White House Strategic Communications Assistant Alyssa Farah said the President aims to put into the fold other conventional partners, including the Five Eyes nations, as well as those afflicted by coronavirus, to think about China’s future.

G7 meeting delayed

Recently, the president had said he was hoping to join the G7 in person later next month, but he received a mixed and unclear response from other members of the G7 to attend the pandemic summit in person.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel “can’t say” whether, after the coronavirus pandemic, she will join a possible G7 conference in Washington, a spokeswoman for the Chancellery said Saturday.

“The Chancellor thanks President Trump for welcoming him to the G7 Meeting at the end of June in Washington,” Merkel ‘s spokesperson said in a tweet.

“Having contemplated the latest pandemic situation. That is, a travel to Congress. She can not guarantee her precise participation as of now”. The spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, Germany’s health minister, Jens Spahn, shared his “deception”. Over the removal of the United States from the World Health Organisation. Also Arguing that the Trump administration ‘s decision was a “setback” to international health policy.

Many world leaders were cageous about Trump’s upcoming G7 Summit, too.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Wednesday that. Due to concerns about transmission of the virus and Canada’s quarantine rules. He could not yet commit to attending the proposed G7 meeting in person.

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