Erdogan: We can stop terrorism, if….?


When someone tells you that he can stop violence and terrorism, whenever you go out from a country besides him…what does it mean?! that he controls this terror somehow? maybe?

Well, Erdogan announces that he can stop terrorism in Syria whenever the U.S is fully pulled out from the country! so, is it really an accurate time to nameTurkey as Terrorism supporter!
That Turkey was actively supporting an al Qaeda affiliate in Syria and, at a minimum, passively supporting the Islamic State was the major reason why the United States cast its lot in with Syria’s Kurds. Turkey’s ongoing partnership with radical groups in Syria will also pose a lasting security challenge to the broader region and Turkey itself.
In recent weeks, Libyan authorities have repeatedly intercepted shipments of Turkish weaponry destined for Islamist militias in defiance of a United Nations weapons embargo. Some Turkish and Libyan Islamist authorities have reported that the weapons in questions turned out to be starter rifles and blanks. But not only does the provision of 4 million blanks to Libya defy logic, but the explanations also only account for a portion of the shipments.

an exiled Islamic theologian and one-time ally of Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Bozkurt writes that İbrahim Sen, subsequently arrested in Pakistan as an al Qaeda operative, was a liaison for Turkey’s intelligence service to groups in Syria and, more importantly, transferred $600,000 to al-Shabaab in 2012. While Bozkurt has ample personal reason to embarrass Erdogan given the Turkish leader’s closure of Zaman and imprisonment of many of Bozkurt’s colleagues, his outlet both still had tight relations with the Erdogan government at the time of the alleged transfer and the Gulen movement at the time still had a heavy presence in Turkey’s diplomatic and security services. In addition, subsequent intelligence confirmed the Gulen movement leaks about Erdogan’s secret dealings which emerged in the wake of the high-profile feud between Erdogan and Gulen.

This is all besides funds terrorism in most of the middle eastern countries, for sake of being the Supreme Leader of the region!

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