Donald Trump has just made Vladimir Putin incredibly happy

Donald Trump has just made Vladimir Putin incredibly happy

During the 2016 election, President Donald Trump dubbed the ongoing investigation into Russian activity a “hoax” and on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I said, ‘You know, it’s a very interesting time. Because things are falling out now and coming in line revealing what a scam this entire investigation was, it’s a total joke. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d see a couple of stuff happening in the next few weeks”. Trump told reporters about his talk with Putin. “This is just one piece of an incredibly deceptive puzzle.”

Putin’s satisfied?

You don’t have to think long to picture the immense grin on Putin’s face when he saw Trump utter those words. That what it means is that Trump is unable to decouple the results. Russia has deliberately tried to intervene with the notion the accepting. The fact somehow robs him of credit for winning in the last presidential election.

Of reality the two issues aren’t mutually exclusive. Russia meddled to support Trump and harm Hillary Clinton in the race, and Trump prevailed.

The failure of the President to understand the complexity. It means that he appears to ignore the conclusions of the intelligence community. The report of Robert Mueller’s special counsel and the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee. All of which found that, yes, Russia launched a large and deep effort to intervene with the 2016 election. And yes, it was to help Trump, who they claimed to be betting. (To be clear: none of those inquiries provided conclusive evidence that Russia’s actions had altered a single vote.)

And sadly, this is not the first time Trump has denied the conclusions of several various inquiries when Putin was alive.

Perhaps more disturbing is that on two occasions. Trump made sure of Putin is directly aware of his cynicism about Russia’s position in the recent election. For the Russian president, this is basically a fantasy scenario.

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