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Donald Trump rebukes US Intelligence as ‘Naïve’ for its contradictory reading of N. Korea and Iran


On Wednesday US President Donald Trump slammed US Intelligence Community over their assessment of events and findings, most of which contradicted Trump’s decisions especially with regard to North Korea and Iran

On Tuesday Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats told Senators that his agency’s report indicates that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is unlikely to eliminate his nuclear weapons and that Iran was not making nuclear weapons, rather abiding by the nuclear agreement.


Intelligence report also signaled danger Russia poses on U.S. elections, the threat of the Islamic State militant group that looms over Syria, once Trump’s pull out of U.S. troops is executed.


Intelligence investigative report indirectly questions Trumps rationale pertaining to the above-mentioned events.


Trump openly criticizing their assessment, took to Twitter and wrote, “The Intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran…They are wrong!”


Trump with regard to U.S. relationship with North Korea said that their understanding “is the best it has ever been”, indicating at the halt in North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests. Trump administration is currently preparing for the second round of meeting with the North Korean leader to be held in February.


Under the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran agreed to confine its nuclear activities in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. Trump last year moved out of an international nuclear deal with Iran, saying Tehran was “not living up to the spirit” of the treaty, and reimposed sanctions.


Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chairman of the House intelligence committee, accredited the agencies for sharing “rigorous and realistic analyses” of threats facing the nation. He expressed his annoyance by tweeting, “It’s deeply dangerous that the White House isn’t listening,”

Mark Warner of Virginia, the senior Democrat who also disapproved of Trump’s attitude towards the intelligence’s report, tweeted “The President has a dangerous habit of undermining the intelligence community to fit his alternate reality…People risk their lives for the intelligence he just tosses aside on Twitter.”

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