Near Lyon, a disturbing Muslim school under contract and … under influence

Entry to Al Kindi school, October 2009. PHILIPPE MERLE / AFP

Nazir Hakim, president of school group Al Kindi, located in Décines-Charpieu, in metropolis of Lyon, is close to a Swedish organization, Commission for Civilian Protection, which has procured weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria.

Since 2007, the date of opening of Al Kindi in Décines-Charmieu, a large village of nearly 30,000 souls located at a gasp accelerator in Lyon, this private Muslim school leads a rather quiet life. The college and high school signed in 2012 a contract of association with the National Education.

On the other hand, primary school benefits only from a simple contract. Admittedly, a former deputy headmaster took a sabbatical leave after being elected on a list presented by Ennahda party in Tunisia. Another ran for Equality & Justice Party, which does not hide its ties to Turkish power. But, until further notice, it is not forbidden in France to belong to movement of Muslim Brotherhood. Neither to make benefit half-thousand pupils of Al Kindi of the “lights” of Hani Ramadan, sulfurous director of Islamic Center of Geneva & brother of no less sulfurous Tariq, several times put under examination for various cases of “rape” And “rape on vulnerable person”. Or Nabil Ennasri, founder of Qatar Observatory, invited for conferences.

Referring to her spiritual & civic activities, the Al Kindi site informs us that in November 2014, “the school organized, in collaboration with the humanitarian NGO CBSP, a solidarity race for Gaza, in which all the students participated. college and high school. CBSP is the Charity and Relief Committee for Palestinians. An NGO sometimes suspected, even if it defends itself, of financial ties with Hamas. Despite this resume that some would consider a little loaded, after twelve years of existence, this private Muslim institution had never attracted the attention of local or national authorities.

Financing from Qatar?

few lines devoted to him by Christian Chesnot & Georges Malbrunot in book Qatar Papers: How qatar finances Islam in France and Europe (Ed. Michel Lafon), published on April 4, may cause a stir , well beyond the metropolis of Lyon. Thus, association Al Kindi, at origin of the project of the highschool of the same name, would have perceived about 133 000 euros in May 2008 from Muslim Association of Alsace (AMAL). More precisely, these are two payments, one of 45,935 euros, on February 5, 2008, and the other of 87,360 euros, on March 28, 2008. Problem: money was paid previously to the AMAL by the Qatar Foundation, funded by ruling family of the Emirate, as revealed by a document of the General Directorate of National Police (DGPN). This path, to say the least complex, would not reveal a desire to conceal the true donor? The sums were originally to allow the building of a mosque.

“We are everywhere”

More perspicacious, the Swedish authorities, as Marianne reveals it today, put their noses as early as 2013 in a traffic of arms towards Syria via an organization called The Commission for civilians protection (CCP). It was founded by a certain Haytham Rahmeh, born in Homs, of Syrian origin and naturalized Swedish. He is a former imam of a mosque in Stockholm. Weapons and ammunition were transported from Libya and Bosnia and entered Syria via the Turkish border. On 1 November 2013, Swedish national radio Sveriges Radio was able to say that the CCP is no other than an emanation of the Syrian national council, created in Doha in November 2011, including Nazir Hakim, born in Aleppo in 1950, is one of the founders. The president of the Al Kindi School Group has reportedly acknowledged on the Swedish radio that his organization had 2,000 fighters in Syria and that it collaborated with jihadist groups, such as the Front al-Nusra (renamed Jabhat Fatah al -Sham), linked to Al Qaeda. The most peaceful of the world Nazir Hakim even said that this “militia” operated in “Halab (Aleppo), Al-Asor (Deir ez-Zor), Latakia (Latakia), Hama, Homs and Damaskus (Damascus). Concluding: “We are everywhere.”

Surprisingly, since 2013, this information never seems to have reached the ears of the French anti-terrorist struggle. The Swedish services have, it is true, apparently not conducted very thorough investigations to learn a little more. Yet Haytham Rahmeh, a Swedish citizen, could have been at least prosecuted for trading unlicensed military equipment …

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