Criticism against international organizations treat Houthi gang as a state!


Iranian attempts since revolution of mullahs in 1979 to interfere in internal affairs of neighboring countries did not stop in order to realize illusion of exporting revolution. Arab world has suffered both of these attempts. It is indeed interesting that at a time when the Iranian regime should pay attention to the welfare of its people, Many of natural resources that God has protected by it, this system acted absolutely absurd, wasted huge money on his dreams miserable, and the great illusion that dominated the mentality of the leaders of this regime, was blatant Iranian intervention that exceeded neighboring countries & Arab countries neighboring Iran, For interventions in geographical areas far from Iran, when late Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was overthrown, mullahs found opportunity to intervene in Yemen, through the Houthi coup, providing them with all the support. And control of large areas of  country, including capital Sana’a under umbrella of religion, & here was intervention of Arab alliance led by Saudi Arabia to restore Yemeni legitimacy, & to confront these militias, which are working to turn Yemen into a state under regime in Tehran to threaten security of  neighborhood Land B.

  • UAE strategist Dirar al-Falasi said;
  1. Iran is using Huthis as a card to achieve its despicable goals in Yemen & Bab al-Mandab strait, which treats the Houthis as a battalion of the terrorist Quds Force, no less, & this has serious implications from a strategic perspective because it reveals depth of Iranian subversive ambitions in region & the right of Yemen & the Arab alliance led by UAE & Saudi Arabia to defend themselves from perspective of existential and not only political, & Iran failed in game of exporting revolution, which was imagined that it will open doors of region & therefore resorted to direct intervention through its militias & to raise sectarian strife in more than one country to achieve same criminal terrorist target, adding required today, politically & media expose Iranian role in Yemen & their determination to support Houthis against legitimate government & provide them with weapons, equipment, money and training. And it is important at each international conference to be presented material evidence & documents that Reveals Iranian involvement in terrorism & mobilization of international support against  terrorist republic in Iran to involve international community, Islamic & Arab in condemning Iranian aggression.
  2. I think that main problem in dealing with international organizations with Houthis is that these organizations act as if they are dealing with two equal parties, not with a government & an illegitimate party that turned against them, so some organizations deal with Huthis with an unacceptable logic must be put to an end, especially as it violates Security Council resolutions We have noted that some of the reports that were issued were based entirely on Huthi side’s account without scrutiny or even comparison, which challenges objectivity of these reports & undermines  reputation of international organizations. It also brought to our attention the deliberate selection of experts with intellectual & political positions. An advance against the intention of  coalition countries challenging fairness & impartiality of international organizations that they represent. Unfortunately, despite all the crimes committed by Houthi against international organizations and their workers, as happened in confiscation of shipments of World Food Program, some of these organizations still deal with Houthi as a de facto government rather than as a terrorist gang.
  3. Huthis are obstructing peace negotiations because they realize that if the war ends, they will settle with it, mulberry leaf will fall off them & the Iranian support for them. So I expect they will continue to delay until military is defeated by Arab coalition &Yemeni national army. To end this war, & negotiations are all we saw is disruption, manipulation & attempts to circumvent Stockholm agreement on delivery of port of Hodeidah & we saw how they handed port to people wearing police uniforms instead of handing over to legitimate government. Here I call on only negotiations with Houthi side to be to negotiate their surrender to legitimacy of Yemen & coalition forces because as long as Iranian devil remains in their appearance they will never believe covenant & any temporary truce they will use to assemble & rearm. What is required today is to bring them to an advanced stage of military & operational exhaustion so that they will have no choice but to surrender to the forces of the Yemeni National Army and the Arab Alliance.
Bassel Al-Hajj Jasim Researcher & Political Advisor added;
Iran is aims to any movement within Arab countries to increase its influence through a sectarian gate that threatens stability & internal peace in Arab world, and its support of Houthis in Yemen comes in this context. It is no secret that one of Tehran’s ambitions in its Arab neighborhood, On Iran, & statements by more than one Iranian official known today to all that Iran is controlling more than one Arab capital, adding that in fact if we look at work of international organizations in general, most of these organizations operate according to international agendas, so it is difficult to judge  work of any organization & political objectives of countries behind them , And its work in Yemen is no exception to this situation, and blocking of the Huthis peace negotiations, is within framework of tactic of gaining time & relying on external factors or any emergency may serve their goals & ambitions of Iran in the Arab region.

Mohammed Hamid, a researcher in international relations, said

Iranian regime & al-Huthi militias have been involved since early years of  emergence of terrorist militias. However, this suspicious relationship has grown remarkably over last ten years. Iran insists on supporting the Houthis politically, militarily, economically & media. The training of Huthi activists, media in Lebanon & Iran. Earlier, Yemeni media & activists revealed presence of an Iranian committee at the embassy, committee supervises a wide network of Iranian experts & members of  Hezbollah militia who are in charge of administration of Huthi militias. Here, Iran’s attempt to reproduce them shows Hezbollah’s image. This confirms atrophy of political awareness among Houthi religious group , Which reproduces character of Hassan Nasrallah in person of Abdul Malik al-Houthi in violation of Yemeni model, which does not recognize spiritual or religious leaders, as well as thinness of  personality of Huthi itself, lack of charisma, social & political culture, & tradition of character of Nasrallah, which confirms lack of independent personality, & that  Iranian Houthi militia aborted all rounds of dialogue to achieve peace in Yemen, as coup of coupists of implementation of Stockholm agreement, stressing that Huthi militia is just an Iranian tool planted in Yemen to threaten security of Arab neighborhood on bias “The bias is being financed by some countries that have an interest in survival of Huthis in Yemen, led by Qatar, which is trying to reverse facts, as well as harnessing money & media to support the militias, The researcher on international relations noted that human rights reports issued on situation in Yemen deliberately ignored violations of Houthi militias did not shed real light on  repressive practices of these militias against civilians.

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