Covid Cases in White House contradict Trump’s opening statement

Covid Cases in White House contradict Trump's opening statement

The occurrences of the White House Covid-19 contradict the myth of President Donald Trump that opening up the world is safe and the medical research is of little value.

The reports of three top health officials. All members of the coronavirus task force of the administration. A form of self-quarantining after one of Trump’s valets and another supportive West Wing assistant tested startling amid Trump’s willingness to move on from the pandemic and reflect on the spectacular economic aspect of the crisis.

The new findings pose an important question: If workers in the country’s highest-secured workforce around Trump are not shielded from the outbreak. How will it be healthy for everyone else to go back to work?

It is not, and Trump is mindful of that. He is worried that a person who talked to him would contradict his message that the epidemic is disappearing.

He’s been asking why his valets hadn’t been told to wear masks. Until this week, according to the guy. Even though this is the precedent he set himself. And Trump has told people that, according to the person who talked to the president. He does not want to get close to someone who also has not been checked.

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