Combat the extremism of “white supremacy” groups

white supremacy

The US neglected to Combat the extremism of “white supremacy” groups. US authorities are investigating the El Paso shooting, which left 22 dead as a case that could be classified as “domestic terrorism”.

How big is the threat of this kind of terrorism?
How does the United States fight it?

Has the US neglected to combat the extremism of “white supremacy” groups?

Police believe the suspect, the white man, Patrick Krossius, have traveled hundreds of miles across Texas to reach a Hispanic city to carry out his attack.

He thought to be the author of the document,Which published minutes before the shooting.

Which, said the attack was “in response to the Spanish invasion of Texas.”

In a statement, the FBI said the attack “signals the continuing threat posed by local violent extremists and hate crimes.”

The office expressed concern that:

“extremists who practice domestic violence in the United States, maybe inspired by these attacks”
“Previous high-profile attacks, to carry out similar acts of violence.”

The office said last month that this kind of violence was on the rise, mostly motivated by a kind of ideology calling for “white supremacy“.

How big is the problem?

At least 50 killings in 2018 have been linked to right-wing extremists, making this year one of the worst years for far-right violence since 1995.

Especially, The researchers at the Anti-Defamation League, an organization that monitors hate crimes.

The association’s researchers said:

Nearly three-quarters of the killings carried out by extremists belonging to “white supremacy” groups.

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