Biden wonders if Americans ‘do feel safe under Donald Trump’

Biden wonders if Americans 'do feel safe under Donald Trump'

Democratic candidate Joe Biden declared on Monday that President Donald Trump had made America a more unsafe place — accusing Trump of fomenting civil strife and sidestepping blame for the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic downturn.

“Do you feel genuinely better under Donald Trump?”

Responding to Trump’s argument that the suburbs, where Trump wants to win over White voters who left the GOP in droves on his watch, wouldn’t be safe if Biden wins, Biden asked, unbelievably:” You know me. You know my heart. You know my life, the life of my family.

Biden strikes

He also criticized Trump, whose armed followers have participated in violent battles with demonstrators, stating that his failure to call on his own followers to “stop behaving as an armed force in this country indicates how powerless he is.”

Biden also questioned Trump even more explicitly than he had in his address on the Democratic Convention’s final night, where he was not using Trump’s name. Also he said Monday the President would “do anything to hang on to political influence.”

He casted Trump’s message of “law and order” as intended to instil fear. He said Trump ignored the reality that “he is president. Whether he knows it or not.”

Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “subservient role” humiliating and embarrassing. And he lambasted Trump over reports that the Taliban had been offered bounties by Russian operatives to kill US soldiers.

And, addressing the racial unrest directly, Biden also casts himself as a bridge. Between peaceful protesters who oppose police violence. That disproportionately affects Black Americans and local elected officials and law enforcement.

“I’m confident that I can get the police to the table, too,” he also said.

It seems like the war between Biden and Trump is still going on. It will never end until the elections are over.

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