Biden leads the way against Trump in the U.S. elections

Biden leads the way against Trump in the U.S. elections

Joe Biden established a commanding and lasting lead over Donald Trump a hundred days before the presidential election, whose path to victory has significantly narrowed in the months after the coronavirus pandemic started.

The fortunes of the president appear increasingly related to the course of a public health crisis that he has struggled to control, with the death toll of past 145,000 and the instability of the economy.

This month’s Washington Post-ABC News poll showed Biden well ahead of Trump, 55 per cent to 40 per cent among registered voters. This contrasted with March, when the virus was just starting to spread, and Biden and Trump were locked in a close tie.

Biden/Trump poll

The same poll showed Trump’s approval ratings had crumbled to 39 percent. About the same proportion of the electorate that supported his response to the outbreak while disapproving 60 percent. A new spate of polls are particularly worrying for the president. Indicating he is losing his grip on the economy, formerly Biden ‘s greatest weakness.

Surveys show Biden leading in key clutch states that won Trump’s 2016 win, including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. A Florida poll by Quinnipiac University, seen as critical to Trump, showed Biden up by 13 percent.

Biden’s campaign is now targeting an expansive political map that could also offer Senate power. Confronting Trump in historically Republican states like Arizona. Where the president has consistently led in local polls. As well as in conservative strongholds like Texas. Where a recent Quinnipiac survey showed the candidates neck and neck.

Trump has dismissed polling that shows him losing as “false”. He said that he had questioned Beltway forecasters in 2016 and is ready to do so again. “I’m not losing”. He insisted during a recent interview with Fox News Sunday. When he was faced with the network’s latest poll showing him trailing Biden by 8 points.

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