Sanders will finish the democratic term in 2020

Bernie Sanders, who reshape U.S. politics, will finish the democratic term in 2020

Bernie Sanders, Vermont’s 78-year-old senator who transformed American politics with his youth-led global social justice revolution, concluded his presidential bid for Democratic nomination in 2020 on Wednesday.

His exclusion from the campaign all but means former vice president Joe Biden will be the Democratic presidential candidate in a vote against Donald Trump, as the coronavirus pandemic drives the US further into a financial and public health epidemic.

Bernie Sanders’s approach

Bernie Sanders officially declared in a broadcast from his home in Vermont that he was withdrawing his second presidential campaign, capping what has been an unprecedented rise from virtual anonymity to the American left’s standard-bearer as an unabashed democratic socialist who supported the working class and advocated for a national revolution.

“I cannot continue running a campaign in good faith that cannot succeed. And that would conflict in this tough hour with the critical work expected of us all”. Bernie Sanders said in a defiant but respectful remark.

After weeks of consulting with his partner, Jane, and key campaign advisors. The Vermont senator said he had come to the realization that there was no “feasible path” for his candidacy. During a conference call Wednesday morning, Sanders told workers of the decision, which he called “difficult and painful.”

While Sanders made it known that Biden would be the next candidate of the party. And that he would strongly support the former vice president. He said that his name would stay on the ballot. And that he would continue to attract delegates in an attempt. To “exert tremendous control” also on the Democratic platform.

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