Ali Keskin and the story behind the campaign against Pakistan

The story behind Ali Keskin and the campaign against UAE

Boycott of some significant Turkish and Indian Twitter accounts is a key phenomenon on UAE Twitter. Many people in Turkey still find themselves in this position. One of those is Ali Keskin.

There’s a top phenomenon on Twitter at the moment when a boycott movement against the United Arab Emirates has started by some activists like Ali Keskin, according to Baghi TV. The purpose of this campaign is to force the UAE to reconsider their decisions on India.


Link to Ali Keskin’s tweet from here.

According to the reports, it is also understood in this regard that the people driving the Twitter phenomenon are Indians themselves and they are being helped in this by anti-Arab elements of Turkey. Ali Keskin has started, raising the voice that Turkey should not go so far in its disagreement with the United Arab Emirates that it will not prevent this act from persecuting Indian Hindus and Muslims.

As for the Twitters trend, data experts say they have strong evidence that both India and Turkey have anti-Arab elements. It’s is a very unfortunate thing, according to Rebel TV.

It’s obvious to the whole world that Indian people don’t like Pakistan – UAE brotherhood. Everyone knows that Turkey is also against the UAE. They are also trying to separate themselves from the UAE and Pakistan. Yet, UAE is like the second home for 1.5 million Pakistanis.


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