Celebrating the tropical fruit -Pineapple

Celebrating the tropical fruit -Pineapple

1. Tofu and pineapple fry over brown rice

2. When you want something sweet turn your frown other way  and make a ‘Upside  down pineapple cake

3. Pineapple sits well in a punch and with rum that’s why every summmer drink has sweet and tangy pineapple slices !

4. Another way to feel sweet and tang, throw the thick chunky slices onto a grill and feel the crunch with chewy pulp

5. Thai it up ! When you want to cook the sweet and sour chicken curry don’t forget to cook it with the quintessential pineapple in ..

6.  A really hot day or craving for some ice cream …. caramalise or use canned pineapple slices and scoop vanilla or yummy butterscotch and enjoy away.

Do you have more yummy dishes, share it with us …