North Korea declares to dismantle missile facilities and end war with South Korea

North Korea declares to dismantle missile facilities and end war with South Korea

Soon after Kim Jong-Un the North Korean leader said he will visit South Korea in the near future, South Korean President Moon Jaei-in announced that North Korea agreed to dismantle missile facilities in the presence of international experts and destroy its nuclear complex if United States agrees to corresponding measures.

On Wednesday, Pyongyang pledged to destroy the Tonchang-ri missile engine test site and nuclear site which was believed to be used for the production of fissile material only if United States takes the corresponding measures.

Mr. Kim said “ We make a firm commitment to exert active efforts to make the Korean Peninsula free of nuclear weapons and nuclear threat and turn it into a land of peace.”

In a joint News conference with Mr. Kim in Pyongyang , North Korea’s capital, Moon Jae-in said he was expected Kim Jong un to visit Seoul before the year ends. This trip is a big step for the North Korean President and it would be the first time for diplomacy he will be doing something so dramatic. And hopefully the North Korean leader will follow through unlike his father Kim Jung II.

In the conference both the leaders have vowed to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula once and for all, a commitment they discussed in the April Summit. “The world is going to see how this divided nation is going to bring about a new future on its own,” Kim Jong Un. They also discussed many non-military plans such as a joint bid to host the 2032 Summer Olympics and create roads that will link between North and South Korea through the next year. “The era of no war has started, Today the North and South decided to remove all threats that can cause war from the entire Korean peninsula.” said Moon Jae-in

Michael Fuchs, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress said “What the United States needs to be looking for right now are genuine steps from the North Koreans that indicate a willingness to move the process forward. If North Korea is genuinely willing to close down Yongbyon and to allow in inspectors … those are just partial steps, but those are genuine steps forward,”.

Fuchs said now the biggest question is what do North Koreans expect from United States. U.S. President Donald Trump posted the same news on twitter so hopefully talks between US and North Korea will resume. “They have continuously shown their trust towards one another and I hope there will be another summit between the two countries as soon as possible,” Moon Jae-in said.

Experts know that a big part to any negotiation to end a war would mean that North Korea needs a buy in from the countries participating in this conflict namely US and China or signing a bilateral peace treaty between North and South Korea.