Yousef Al Otaiba: We can achieve peace in the middle east

Yousef Al Otaiba wants peace in the middle east region

On Friday, a top U.S. Middle Eastern diplomat, Yousef  Al Otaiba, gave a sharp warning to Israelis not to occupy land in the West Bank and Jordan Valley, a crucial aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative put out by President Trump.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba released a video message in English and an op-ed in Hebrew warning about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to exert influence over Israeli populations in the region His remarks were first published in The National, an Abu Dhabi-based English-language newspaper.

Yousef Al Otaiba urges peace

In his article published in Yedioth Ahronoth, an Israeli newspaper, Al Otaiba said such a move would undermine Israel’s relations with the Arab world.

“Israeli aspirations for improved security, economic and cultural ties with the Arab world and the UAE will certainly and immediately be upset by annexation,” Al Otaiba wrote according to the National.

The UAE and Israel do not share any formal relationships, but a quiet partnership has emerged between the Gulf states, such as it and Saudi Arabia, and Israel, allied with the U.S.

Netanyahu has met openly with the Sultan of Oman, and Israeli athletes have played more and more frequently in athletic competitions in Abu Dhabi, a sign of softening ties with Jerusalem.

But Yousef Al Otaiba argued that those important moves are at risk if Netanyahu pursues summer plans to assert hegemony over Israel’s West Bank and Jordan Valley populations.

“Normal is no annexation,” he wrote. “Instead annexation is another order’s misguided provocation. And keeping talks of normalization would clearly be a mistaken expectation for improved relations with the Arab states.

UAE’s role in the peace process

The UAE paved the diplomatic side to serve the issue. Yousef Al Otaiba’s article attracted the attention of Israeli and Western public opinion. So that the article may be a reason for Israel to review any step. This is what the American writers have gone to by taking into account Emirati warnings

The UAE has employed its network of diplomatic relations against Netanyahu’s expansion of the occupation of the Palestinian territories. It also has not used it to serve an anti-issue agenda. Despite that, Media outlets affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood organizations have altered Yousef Al Otaiba’s article. Just to serve her party’s agenda and turned a blind eye to the goals Al Otaiba sought.

Politics is the art of the possible and the UAE is doing that. Israel desires to establish relations with Arab countries. But from the point of view of Emirati diplomacy this does not contradict Palestinian rights. And also Israeli intentions to expand the annexation of lands.

The UAE is keen on the stability and security of the region. This tense region becomes a starting point for global successes.


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