Will Europe withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran?

nuclear deal with Iran
The European position on Iran has become "closer to the audit.

The warnings from Britain, Germany, and France to the Iranian government against continuing to violate the terms of the nuclear deal with Iran signed with the major powers in 2015.

The warnings coincide with US President Donald Trump’s remarks that

His Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani offered to meet him in exchange for easing Washington’s sanctions against Tehran.

Will Europe withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran?

The European position on Iran has become “closer to the audit

Is Europe really preparing to leave the agreement after weeks, knowing that such a step would be an embarrassment to the position of the Union. Which stood against the Trump administration throughout At least a year and a half. before ‘convincing’ his point of view, and to what extent he would accept to give up the mediation role. That could have secured him an international role? It is too early to answer these questions, before knowing what Iran will do with the ball that seems to be in its court.

The Iranians don’t want to negotiate with the Americans right now.

That is what they are announcing. But they dug 1,000 channels to reach a prior understanding with the master of the White House. Who are afraid to slip his tongue in one of his tweets, revealing the truth of what they seek.

Iran and the demonization of the devil

Iran “dancing the Great Satan and the powers of global arrogance and has strategic papers in allied countries. Its steadfastness in the face of sanctions is a victory for it, being advancing scientifically and militarily. It has the strength The political and security analysis confirms that it will win and that time is in its favor.

The Iranian regime

  • When the Iranian regime says that Hezbollah in Lebanon
  • Ansar Allah in Yemen
  • the Popular Mobilization in Iraq
  • Hamas, Islamic Jihad in Palestine
  • the National Front in Syria are all Iran today

This means that this regime can attack us from the north and south, from the east and west. All the while.

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