Who’s supporting the fighting in Libya?

UAE denies ownership of weapons found in Libya: statement

There are many signs that the UAE has not been involved in destabilizing Libya or supplying weapons.

This is alleged to distort the image of the UAE and hide the facts promoted by the countries behind all terrorist operations.

The UAE is dedicated to supporting international peace and stability

1- The role of the UAE to take practical steps to achieve peace and to spread the values ​​of :

  • tolerance
  • harmony
  • coexistence
  • mutual understanding among all the peoples of the world

2- The role of the UAE in political solutions to resolving conflicts in countries experiencing the manifestations of tension and insecurity.

Which brought the UAE to become one of the most important supporting countries

  •  International stability and peace
  •  And the security of peoples
  •  And contain the tensions and crises and disputes arising

The UAE in the fight against terrorism and the Middle East issues, especially in light of the major crises, from Sudan and Libya to Syria and Yemen.

These are the crises that UAE diplomacy seeks to solve, based on peaceful methods and dialogue.

Some of the accusations directed at the UAE aren’t true :

The UAE is accused of supplying fighters trying to seize Tripoli with anti-tank missiles made in the US.

The UAE accused of supplying fighters trying to seize Tripoli with anti-tank missiles.

The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the denial in a statement on Tuesday, adding that :

  • Abu Dhabi reaffirmed its commitment to the UN Security Council’s arms embargo on Libya.
  • “The UAE also urges all parties to de-escalate tensions and to re-engage in the UN’s political process,” .
The United Arab Emirates denied ownership of weapons found in Libya

The foreign intervention was the cause of the current political crisis in Libya.

Referring to the role of Qatar and Turkey in financing extremist and terrorist groups in the cities of Tripoli, Misrata, Sirte, Benghazi, and Derna.

Who is responsible for the spread of arms and militias in Libya?

Qatar and Turkey and terrorist organizations

Turkey and Qatar have established their influence within terrorist organizations in Libya.

Supporting armed militias to destabilize security and stability in the Middle East.

Turkey and Qatar role in supporting the terrorist organization in Libya and interfering in the affairs of Libya.

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