How White Supremacy Weakens the United States of America

How White Supremacy Weakens America

The protests of Black Lives Matter suggest a tectonic shift in US domestic politics. However their importance reaches well beyond the edge of the bath. Race counts for the United States and its global picture, and the entire world is watching. Global demonstrations of unity with immigrant victims of oppression and police brutality once again illustrate that human rights are a matter of international policy. They should also remind us that a white supremacy based foreign policy weakens the US and negates some of its core strategic strengths.

White Supremacy in the US

U.S .. Government President Donald Trump has flirted freely with white nationalism. Part of Trump’s “America First” dream has been to assign authority through society and its structures to white people. That’s part of why the cabinet is almost entirely white and male; why Latino people are caged at the border; why the raids against Latino communities target immigration and customs enforcement; And why his administration has gone beyond the “illegal” immigration crackdown to discuss restricting all immigration to the United States. Within that white supremacist dream, the external relationships of the United States will preferably represent the country’s ostensibly white, Christian nature.

That is why Trump has pursued unity with right-wing political groups, under the example of his former political strategist Steve Bannon, even though that alliance disrupts ties with allied governments. That is why he has put so much weight on ties with Russia and Hungary. Countries whose members see themselves as the 21st century Jan III Sobieskis, protecting Vienna against the Muslim hordes.

Nevertheless, the developments of recent weeks have provided clear evidence as to why this view of foreign policy is so flawed. First, it contradicts significant elements of U.S. national identity and weakens U.S. “soft power.” The U.S. traces its origins to an anti-imperialist struggle for all of its flaws. Despite its own profoundly imperfect record on racial equality. The U.S. has fought and won two major wars against abominably racist states. The Civil War and World War II. These were also the most expensive wars the U.S. has fought in terms of U.S. lives.

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