White Island volcano eruption in New Zealand

White Island volcano
Deadly Volcanic Explosion Rocks New Zealand: Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

White Island volcano eruption in New Zealand on Monday. Desperate efforts are underway to locate any survivors of a deadly volcanic eruption, which killed at least five people, injured at least a dozen more and cruise ship tourists missing.

White Island volcano eruption in New Zealand

When did the eruption take place?

The eruption took place with a little warning early Monday afternoon local time. While a nearby cruise ship Ovation of the Seas was touring the volcano which contains dozens of tourists from.

Authorities said:

  1. The eruption began about 2:11 p.m. local time (0111 GMT) on White Island.
  2. As it is about 50 kilometres from the east coast of North Island.
  3. Sending up smoke visible from the mainland.

The eruption of New Zealand’s White Island Volcano

White Island volcano erupted in New Zealand causes at least

  1. Five dead and
  2. 20 tourists injured
  3. 23 people transported to shore
  4. Also, over 27 remain on the island

CEO of the New Zealand Cruise Association Kevin O’Sullivan confirmed that:

  • There are from 30 to 38 of the victims, who are passengers of the cruise ship Ovation of the Seas.

In addition, The Police are working with the National Emergency Management Agency to coordinate the search and rescue operation.

Emergency Aid

Australian Prime Minister

  1. He offered emergency aid to New Zealand.
  2. As well as, He confirmed that Australian tourists have been “caught up” in the disaster.


Live: White Island eruption

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