What is the new Coronavirus 2019-ncov?

Coronavirus 2019-ncov
Coronavirus is spread in many countries of the world

Coronavirus 2019-ncov remains the concern of people around the world, this virus, which was confined to Asia, is slowly spreading to other countries of the world, where cases have appeared in Australia, France, Germany, the UAE, and other countries.

What is the new Coronavirus and what to do when suspected?

Here is a detailed report on Corona Virus:

Table of content

1- Corona H2 virus statistics
1.1- Number of deaths from the Coronavirus
1.2- The number of people infected with Coronavirus
2- The seriousness of Coronavirus disease
3- The countries in which the Coruna virus spread
4- Ways to spread the Coronavirus
5- Prevention of coronavirus
6- Coronavirus symptoms that you should pay attention to

Corona H2 Virus Statistics

  • Coronavirus spreads a little more by the day. It was initially confined to China (specifically in the Wuhan region, home to the epidemic).
  • Now spread throughout Asia, before reaching the USA, Australia, France, Germany, and others.
  • The number of people infected with the virus in the world will be 8000 people.

Coronavirus deaths

Deaths in China from the Coronavirus

If the health authorities in most countries are currently playing on the truce sheet (hospitals are ready, and organizational plans are in place …), however, Chinese President Zi Jinping is talking about an “accelerating” epidemic and a “very dangerous” situation.

The World Health Organization
  1. It has sounded the “alarm” of human-to-human transmission in different countries of the world.
  2. While Mongolia announced the closure of its land borders with China to spread the epidemic, and this is what Russia decided to do.

Number of people infected with coronavirus

Information about the number of cases of Coronavirus virus in China and the world is contradictory.
  • 11,791 cases are currently being traded in China
  • 4 cases in France have been monitored
  • The United Arab Emirates has announced the appearance of the first infection
  • Italy and Germany also announced that a number has been monitored Of injuries not exceeding the fingers of one hand.

The severity of coronavirus disease

Coronavirus symptoms become severe and unlikely 3 days after infection. Symptoms cause pneumonia quickly so that breathing becomes difficult without a device and some of the body’s systems.

Such as

The heart and kidneys may stop working, and the person’s life ends.

Countries where the Coronavirus has spread

Coronavirus has appeared to date to 21 countries

  1. Australia (at least 7 injuries)
  2. Cambodia (at least one injury)
  3. Canada (at least two hits)
  4. Finland (at least one injury)
  5. France (at least 5 injuries)
  6. Germany (at least 4 injuries)
  7. Hong Kong (10 injuries at least)
  8. Japan (at least 11 injuries)
  9. Monaco (7 injuries at least)
  10. Malaysia (at least 7 injuries)
  11. Nepal (at least one injury)
  12. Singapore (10 injuries at least)
  13. South Korea (at least 4 injuries)
  14. Sri Lanka (at least 4 injuries)
  15. Taiwan (at least 8 injuries)
  16. Thailand (at least 14 injuries)
  17. United Arab Emirates (at least 4 injuries)
  18. United States of America (at least 5 injuries)
  19. Vietnam (at least two hits)
  20. Italy has recently announced two cases of coronavirus
  21. Russia has also done two cases

Coronavirus spread methods

The 2019-ncov virus (responsible for the disease) is spread among humans by air and air:

  • By direct contact with secretions, or by a contaminated organism – such as the influenza virus.
To clarify:

A person can catch the 2019-ncov virus if he drinks from the same cup from which a person with the disease drank if he kisses it if he sneezes near it.

If that person does not wash his hands and touches the same items that the infected person touched … and so on.

Coronavirus prevention

Health authorities recommend the following proven preventive measures against influenza virus:

• Wash hands frequently with soap.
• Coughing and sneezing in an arm fold or a disposable handkerchief.
Avoid touching the face (nose, mouth, etc.).

Coronavirus symptoms to pay attention to

Coronavirus epidemic2019-ncov started on January 10, 2020.

The symptoms to pay attention to are:

  • Fever above 37.5 ° C
  • Dry or greasy cough
  • Chills
  • Various aches
  • An unusual feeling of tiredness
  • a headache
Difficulty breathing:
  1. shortness of breath
  2. Noisy breathing
  3. Tired breathing when doing anything

If you recently travelled to China and experienced these symptoms, you should not go to the emergency room and risk spreading the virus! You must call the ambulance and it will come to pick you up.


The symptoms mentioned above are similar to the symptoms of regular classic flu. Thus, if you have not recently boarded or travelled to China, or if you did not go to any Asian airport, you should not panic.

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